Mission & Vision


To provide a national platform to organizations voluntarily engaged in the work of social harmony in order to create a sense of collectiveness among such institutions. Organizing training camps for these affliates from time to time and encouraging skill development among them is the main aim of Rashtriya Sewa Bharati. It is said that when many organizations and institutions engage together to make a task successful, it is necessary to unite them, so that the goal can be achieved under the right direction and guidance. Rashtriya Seva Bharati places great prominence in skill development of affiliates through training, thus awakening a sense of unity and collectivity.


The making of a strong and empowered society is possible only when each of it's sections gets equal rights to growth and opportunity. A homogeneous society can be created by making educated, suppressed and backward brethren self-supporting and empowered. Rashtriya Sewa Bharati works tirelessly and relentlessly towards the realization of this vision.