About Rashtriya Sewa Bharati

Our country takes pride in our 'unity in diversity'. Geographically, many tribes and forest life are found here. Many organizations are working for the social and economic development of backward, deprived, afflicted and disadvantaged people of all these communities. These institutions are trying to elevate the lives of the deprived, afflicted, suppressed and neglected sections of society with selfless service. Efforts are on to connect lower class people with the mainstream. Many of these people do not even have access to basic amenities, that is why they need as much support as possible. In keeping with social interests, Rashtriya Seva Bharti Sansthan has been playing an important role in uniting all these institutions since the year 2003. 

Rashtriya Seva Bharti, through its national platform, is collaborating in the removal of various obstacles related to the operation of our affiliated institutions, by means of training, cooperation, guidance and providing direction to service operations. A number of service functions are being conducted by 973 institutions associated with Rashtriya Seva Bharati in 602 districts across the country. These institutions which have crossed a long halt in service work, so far, 11670 in education, 8561 in health, 9416 in social sector and 5813 for self reliance are being run by them. So far, 35560 service works have been successfully organized in collaboration with Rashtriya Sewa Bharti.

Rashtriya Seva Bharti, Seva Jagran, Seva Sahyog, Seva Prashikshan and Sewa Adhyayan through four major dimensions, are providing a national platform to the institutions concerned, awakening the spirit of collectivity and serving the society. 

Sewa Jagran

The aim of Seva Jagran is to create awareness about regional and national level subjects. To convene new organizations joining the organization at the state and national level, to encourage them, to provide such a platform for all the organizations where they can discuss their problems and issues related to the organization. Along with this, publishing available literature of all institutions in Hindi and English languages is also an important point in the Jagran dimension of Rashtriya Seva Bharati.



Sewa Disha holds importance in the category of publication. It is published once in five years, in which statistics of work done by service institutions are published, spanning the given timeframe. Publication of Sewa Disha, 2019 was released through applications on smart phones across the country, in keeping with the modern times.

Seva Kunj (Annuity) - Sewa Kunj an annual publicayion, chronicles success stories in addition to the work done by the affiliated organizations, many times the work done by the institutions is a lifelong service for the people of the disadvantaged community, such as during floods or other natural disasters, etc.

Sewa Sahyog

There are many obstacles in the work of social upliftment, which cannot be overcome without cooperation, for example if a blood donation camp is to be organized in an area or vaccination awareness camps etc., many types of cooperation are required. Rashtriya Seva Bharati has long been involved in such work through service cooperation, by organizing workshops, giving information about the main topic of the workshop, etc.

Rashtriya Sewa Bharati has worked with child welfare centers, leprosy prevention centers, village development, self-help groups, eye donation campaigns etc. The NGOs affiliated with the organization are also informed about CSR or Corporate Social Responsibilities, so that more and more organizations undertake social upliftment through CSR activities.

Recently, Rashtriya Seva Bharti has been registered as a training partner with the National Skill Development Corporation, so that the organizations that want to start a skill development training center can be guided properly. There is a large aspect of the cooperation dimension of the organization, under which a workshop is organized on a selected topic every year at all India level, in which the subject is discussed in the presence of experts.

Special attention is also given to women empowerment and welfare under the cooperation. Through workshops and training at the national level, the main objective of equal development of all classes  is accomplished. Such programs help the organization representatives to make clear transparent policy in the running of the organization and select new development options.

Sewa Prashikshan

Proper documentation and record keeping is as important as the task itself. Rashtriya Seva Bharati ensures that all it's endeavours are recorded properly. For this, the institute imparts training in both Hindi and English to working officials of the institutions through Power Point presentations. Activities like keeping the data secure, preparing the preamble report, annual accounts, collection of funds, income - expenditure accounts, office management, publicity material and better use of human resources associated with the institutions, etc contribute in the smooth flow of operations. 

Sewa Adhyayan

Rashtriya Seva Bharti provides a platform for studies and research carried out by affiliated organizations. In one of its important studies, Rashtriya Seva Bharti participated in an undertaking for women's educational employment, mental health and overall condition. The results of the study found that 44 percent of the women were happy and joyful, 38 percent of the women were found to be very happy, including women living in extremely adverse conditions. Directions have also been given on the plan to compile his experiences in the form of a book by the Honorable Suresh Bhaiyya Ji Joshi, Sarkaryavah of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.